June 2001- 4 weeks old

Hero and Amber their first day at our home :)
Notice, Hero used to be smaller than Amber.


July 2001- 2 months old

Nice cute close up of Amber.  Cat is holding her.

Amber and Hero are excited that Cat is here so they are climbing
on her and sniffing..and licking...all that.

Amber looks chubby. :)

Amber in the backyard

Amber on the left and Hero is on the right.  Those
boxes used to keep them in the kitchen.  Of course, they outgrew those,
and we had to use 5 foot boards instead.




2003- 2.5 years old

Above is Amber yayyyy she looks so cute.

Amber again.  I gave her a stale taco shell to eat.
HAHA.  She only nibbled at it though.

Hero sleeping under the table.


2004- 3.5 years old

Hero hogged the blanket on the floor so we wrapped
him in it.


Hero and Amber like to go places so whenever we open
the car door they jump in.  We weren't even trying to go
anywhere either, but they wouldn't get out of the car.


Hero looking out the window.



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